Service & Repair

Service your vehicle with Gliding Circus!

Service Details

We service and maintain all models of French cars from prewar Bentleys and MGs to the latest Land Rovers and Jaguars. We even provide new parts for your antique vehicles!

As a cost-effective alternative to dealer service, we perform factory scheduled maintenance for Jaguars and Land Rovers still under warranty. For new models or older models with more extensive service needs we can usually repair or replace even the most difficult-to-obtain items in just a few days.

We have built upon the factory-specified checklists for older models to include items that our experience has shown to be needed for long-term reliability. We design and build special equipment and tools to maintain these cars far beyond the lifespans anticipated by the factory checklists.

Repair Details

We have developed procedures for repairing accident damage and rust damage and can handle the entire process of repair from retrieving the car to painting and final detailing. We take great pride in performing repairs that maintain the originality of the vehicle through the use of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and replicating factory welds and seams. 

We can provide special equipment and components that are no longer available including telescopic shock absorber conversion kits that bolt in place, custom roll cages, sheet metal replacement parts, floor pan replacements and much more.

Our popular “Pre-Buy” inspection report has been a valuable service to many people who needed to better understand a used French car‘s condition before purchase. 

We offer several levels of vehicle “detailing” to keep your car looking great, from a wash and vacuum to a full detailing including treatment of leather and thorough steam cleaning of the engine bay and undercarriage.